11 September 2009

Cheryl Ann Monyak

As part of Project 2,996 I'm posting this tribute to

Cheryl Ann Monyak.

Cheryl lived in Greenwich, CT. She worked on the 96th floor of the North Tower as an insurance executive. She was 43 years old when she died eight years ago today.

Her family and friends set up this Tribute Page to honor her memory and celebrate her life. They all speak of her smile, her wit, her beauty and faithful friendship. They remember her laughter and they tell us of a woman who was firm in her values, excellent in her work, full of fun and enthusiasm, and loved by all who knew her.

On this anniversary of 9/11, my prayers go out to the Monyak family, and all the families of those who never dreamed they would be murdered by terrorists as they went to work that day, or boarded a plane for a routine flight that would turn out to be an instrument of insane evil.

May they all rest forever in the peace of Christ, and may the God of all comfort surround their loved ones with His presence.

And may we NEVER FORGET.

Lord Jesus, we beg Your mercy and Your protection on our nation today and always. God bless America.

Peace be with all of us...


Alicia said...

I honor Christopher Paul Slattery.

Art said...

Thanks so much for your rememberance!

I have honored Lorraine Antigua at:


Brian said...

From St. Thomas the Apostle Parish in Bloomfield, NJ - we honor
Catherine Nardella, and so many others who lost their lives - from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and many other states and countries.

We honor the memory of our dear Father Mychal Judge,OFM -a hero and a saint.

I honor my friend Paul Carris, who held the hand of a sick woman - walking down all those stairs together, not concerned with his own life - his only concern was for another. Paul will be an awesome deacon!

We honor all men and women, from all over our great country, who responded to the call - to give their all - to save their brothers and their sisters. "No man has greater love than this, to give one's life for a friend."

Let us keep this day quiet, and reflect - on God's good gifts to all of us.

My Chocolate Heart said...

Amen, Brian. Amen.

Dr. Dave said...

This is a wonderful tribute. Thanks for never forgetting.


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