25 September 2009

Be Still

Stormy night last night.

I sat up late and listened to the pounding rain... quiet house... just me, the rain, my thoughts, and Jesus.


Cloudy and quiet morning today. The kind I just love.

The theme running in my head and my heart for days now is simple:

"Be still and know that I am God."

How often do you stop -- really stop -- and be still? How often do you quiet your racing mind, push all thoughts out of your head except one -- Him?

I know how often I rush by Him, even shove Him aside because other things claim my attention and my energy, and there's simply no time left to ponder Him.

What a mistake. No wonder I end up dry and tired and discouraged.

Today, stop. Find a quiet place. Be still. He is God, and He is our loving Father. He waits.

Be still.


Brian said...


Thank you for your words. Very hard to be still here in NY - but in two weeks time I will be on retreat at a Trappist monastery in New England - and I will "Be Still", anxiously waiting for His words.

God bless...

GrandmaK said...

Yes, indeed, be still and know I am GOD! Thank you!!! We're having one of those days here today, too! Cathy

Sarah - Kala said...

In fact, it was this morning. I had to pray hard about what to say to my kid who missed the bus after being told "c'mon!" repeatedly. I began praying the Little Crown in a huffy searching for calm manner, which by the third Hail Mary, I was calmer and by the Amen, my mood was completely sorted out.

It's nice to stop and listen, too. God is good!

Sarah said...

Even just reading the words "Be still, and know that I am God" calms me down. They are such powerful (yet gentle!) words! Beautiful reflection!


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