09 August 2009



"Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him." John 6:56

If you read the Theology of the Swamp you know what I did all week! It was so much fun, I was sorry to see it end. Plus my hubby and I celebrated 10 years together, and he surprised me with roses, wine, chocolate, pajamas, and one final thing... as I laid my head down to go to sleep, there was a box... gasp! A little square box... I tiptoed into the bathroom to turn on the light, opened the box and saw a beautiful silver ring with two stones; a sapphire (him) and a garnet (me) side by side. By this time, I'm bawling, he walks in and says he wanted some reminder of the day to last forever, so he had this ring custom-made for me. Then he asked me to marry him... again.

Yes, I know I have the most thoughtful, romantic husband...

1. Praise and thank you, God, for giving me a wonderful man to share my life with and raise a family with.

2. Praise God for wisdom revealed to children, especially to almost-40 yr-old children like me.

3. Praise God for the fun of clapping, stomping, singing, and dancing with my kids and 150 other kids.

4. Praise God for the Living Bread come down from heaven that feeds us forever!

5. Praise and thank you, God, for loving me, forgiving me, putting up with me, and patiently teaching me.

6. Praise God for wine and chocolate!

7. Praise God for the big, beautiful butterfly in my lantana this week. We all stared in wonder at it and remarked at how pretty it was. Simple things... simple joy.

I hope your week was full of simple joy and sweet surprises. Please share your Praises!
God bless you this coming week and hold you close to His side. Let your little light shine before all!


Dirtdartwife said...

You know you'll have to send me an email with a picture of that pretty sounding ring! That sounds just gorgeous!!!!

I think we're both blessed with awesome hubbies... DH got me an "engagement" ring for our anniversary this year (we celebrated 11 years) because I never wear my original.

And since you're a garnet... when is your birthday? I'm a garnet too and this little one is going to be a garnet too!

What wonderful praises today. I can read how beautifully happy you are and it's so uplifting! :)

~ Judy ~ said...

So glad that you had such a special anniversary celebration!
And VBS sounds GREAT!!!
Here's my entry for the meme:
Thanks Jennifer...for encouraging us to share our PRAISE OF THE LIVING AND WONDROUS GOD!!!

Aussie Therese said...

oh what a wonderful husband you have Jennifer.

I will put up some praises this morning.

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Praise God for wonderful husbands!

Isn't it just great when they do something so totally unexpected?

Sharon said...

Congratulations to you and your hubby on your 10 years together! I really enjoyed your VBS article, too. I posted my praises, too. Great idea, thanks for starting this meme! :)


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