05 August 2009

More from The Forge

"Jesus is asking you to pray more. You see this very clearly.
Nonetheless... how poor your response has been. Everything is a great effort for you; you are like a baby who is too lazy to learn to walk. But in your case it isn't just laziness. It is fear, too, and a lack of generosity."

That hits very close to home.


GrandmaK said...

This verse has to touch the heart and soul of us all! Thank you! Cathy

OH! Please journey to my "house." I have something for you!

Anne said...

Thank you Jennifer! You are such an inspiration to me. God uses you so well!

Dirtdartwife said...

Wow... thanks for giving me a wake up call today. I was thinking of doing a quiet prayer time for myself this morning when I was the only one up but noooo, I get on the computer to check blogs, email, facebook and all that other junk and here's your quote... TELLING me from the words of Christ... what I need to do more.

Thank you!

SQUELLY said...

Hits close here too! Indeed thank you for sharing this wonderful wake up call!


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