25 August 2009

It Is Enough

Here's what I'm clinging to today:

The way to honor God whose handiwork we are, is to be who we are, as perfectly as we can.

It is enough to be what God wants us to be, rather than some perfect creature that God never had in mind.

It is also enough to do whatever it is that you can do being who you are, and where you are. Just do wholeheartedly what you know God is asking of you. Don't bother yourself about whether or not what God asks of you is important or grand. Whether your actions are insignificant or not does not matter, if they are God's will.

How could you be disappointed at even the smallest opportunity if you know that it is God's will -- born of His providential concern for you, and chosen for you in His eternal wisdom?

All through the day: Be Who You Are

St. Francis de Sales (of course)


~ Judy ~ said...

TRULY AWESOME...thank you Jennifer!

Brian said...

Jennifer -

Thanks for this reflection. I am home all week "dog sitting" as my son and daughter-in-law are touring Poland. I am anxious - I should be doing - something - instead of sitting here with two dogs. Maybe this "insignificance" is the Lord's will. That I sit STILL! Not always doing. Maybe He wants me to think about him, without distraction. So He can teach me to be "who I am."

Thank you & God bless you!

Mary333 said...

This is perfect! I try to do this [the key word here is try]:)By the way, I am eating chocolate covered raisins as we speak. Trader Joes has yummy one's. I am blessed.

Your co-chocoholic blog friend.

Funny, the word verification was diate then bulgest. I wonder if the Lord is trying to give me a hint:)

Anne said...


SQUELLY said...

So utterly beautiful!


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