31 August 2009


Humility is as humility does!

Sometimes we confess that we are nothing,
that we are weakness itself,
the very dust of the earth.
But we get very upset if someone
takes us at our word.

We conspicuously retreat into solitude,
and hide ourselves,
but with the hope
that the world will "discover" us.

We take the lowest place,
cherishing the hope
that we will be asked to go up higher.

True humility does not go about
looking and sounding humble.
For the humble person prefers
to hide her virtues,
and conceal her true self,
to live unknown, in a concealed life.

My advice then is that you should
go easy with your expressions of humility,
making sure that your deep inward feelings
agree with whatever you say outwardly.

Never cast down your eyes
without humbling your heart,
and do not pretend that you wish
to be among the least
unless you truly desire it in your heart.

Really humble people prefer to let others say
they are contemptible and worth nothing,
than to say it about themselves.

St. Francis de Sales

Another bulls-eye... ouch.


GrandmaK said...

Humility is saying, "I am good and worth a great deal because God made me and His Son saved me" and then believeing it.

Dirtdartwife said...

Oh no kidding isn't that a bulls-eye!!! Thank you so much for sharing!


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