19 August 2009

Girl Scouts and Catholic Schools

Went to Parent Orientation tonight at the Catholic school the kids are attending this year. I'm hopeful for a good year. The school has a good reputation, and so far what I've seen looks solid.

Didn't take me very long tonight to make a new enemy, however! The principal introduced at
least a dozen people who are leading this activity or sport or club or whatever, and finally she got around to the Girl Scout troop leader. I decided to ask a provocative question. (I know, that's soooo unlike me.)

I raised my hand and said as sweetly as I could, "Can you tell me what association , if any, does this troop have with Planned Parenthood?"

Well, you would've thought I just called her and her daughter and her dog the most nasty, terrible names or something. This lady looked like she wanted to rip my head off.

She just stammered, "Uh, none. I've never even heard of such a thing."

I smiled and said, "Great, thank you."

I approached her again afterward at the troop's sign-up table, and said, "Hi, I'm sorry if I threw you with my question."
She wouldn't look me in the eye. She was so angry!

She just looked down at her table, fussed with some catalogs and said, "Yeah, well I've never even heard of anything like that, and I certainly don't discuss topics like that with the girls."

I tried to explain the known connection between Girls Scouts and Planned Parenthood on a corporate level, and she just shook her head at me and said, "Well, I don't know. Like I said, I've never heard of that before."

I walked away knowing she was shooting darts at the back of my head. I'm definitely on that woman's hit list!

The greater issue, of course, is Catholic school girls and Girl Scouts. I say it is time to sever the relationship completely, forevermore.

I do not see how Girl Scouts can continue to have a place in Catholic schools. Are we Pro-Life or not? Do we support true marriage between one man and one woman or don't we? Do we believe in one God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or not?
Do we want our daughters taught by a PP rep that it's okay to sexually gratify yourself when you feel like it, and lesbianism is not only acceptable, but desired?

These are the beliefs of the modern Girl Scout leadership, and they are not compatible with the Catholic faith any longer. It's time to cut this cord.

There are two excellent alternatives: The Little Flowers Club, and American Heritage Girls. How about putting our time and effort into those organizations and help them grow, instead of supporting an ultra-liberal feminist group that demeans the vocation of homemaker, and rejects the truth of the sanctity of human life?

No more cookies for me, and of course, I never intended to sign my girls up for Brownies. But I'm feeling the motivation to take this far beyond one school, one troop. The Girls Scouts has no place in our Catholic schools anymore.


Anne said...

Here, here! GOOD FOR YOU! My daughter in the only one in her class who is not in girl scouts and bless her heart, she has never complained or whined "But all my friends are there!"

It's so hard to buck the system, but when the system is so horrendous, somebody just has to do it! I know I've mentioned before that I am a wimp about speaking out, but when it comes to acting out by not joining, I have no problem. Truly, I think a lot of people just don't realize the facts that you have mentioned about girl scouts, and unless it becomes public knowledge, they may never know. I admire your bravery in speaking the truth. This world needs more Jennifers!

carmelitemom said...

You go girl!!!

Yeah...you will be the talk of that meeting : )

I am so proud of you! And jealous of your courage! I agree...it is time to spread the word. I never signed up my older daughter and do not intend to sign up my youngest either. A very dear homeschool friend of mine runs a troop...do you know where I could get some good articles or references to show her?...something right to the point!

Dirtdartwife said...

Carmalitemom... go straight to the source itself. The older girls books for GS's have all the information you'll ever need to show people "See, this is what they're teaching!" not to mention there are numerous articles on the web about girl scout troops giving PP unfettered access (WITHOUT notifying the parents) to the girls! Go here: http://www.stopp.org/scouts/

When my oldest was 4, I put her in Daisy's. But I was the co-leader and the other leader was a strict Presbyter, so I knew we were NOT going to allow PP stuff to filter down. But we both had to sit through the training and yes... it's in the leader training, so those leaders KNOW full well that PP is mentioned and discussed. It was knowing that others didn't care about the link with PP and teaching of immoral stuff that bothered me.

I never put my daughter in again after that one year but instead put her in Little Flowers and my girls have LOVED it.

Girl Scouts donates alot to United Way but then they cover themselves by saying they don't dictate to the local levels of United Way as to what to do with that money. Some give to PP, some don't. But because United Way gives to PP, it's just a good overall practice to not give to them at all.

Jen, I would get a well written, well documented one page letter (you're superb at that) to the Principal of the school and just ask the question of "Why, being a Catholic school, should this be allowed to be advertised in our school?"

carmelitemom said...

Thank you so much for the info. I will get right on it and look up some stuff.

My Chocolate Heart said...

Already on it (letter), my friend! Going to go talk to the priest at the parish, too.

Pray for me, ladies... I think I'm gonna write this up for CO. I'm gonna make A LOT of moms really mad. But it's time to choose...these people are after our daughters, and it's time we stopped handing them over.

Carmelite mom, here's a few more links for you:


Our Family said...

Ah, now I remember one of the reason why we homeschool.

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing this. I had never even considered the possibility that the Girl Scouts would be associated with PP. Good for you for calling the leader on it; I wonder if maybe she didn't know about it(??) I have a dear friend whose daughter is in GS and I buy tons of cookies from them every year. I am sad about having to disappoint them next year (and my family too--we love those cookies!).

Michelle said...


Sarah said...

I think those other two alternatives look fabulous! I'd love to find a group for my girls to join ... Or perhaps we could start one in our Catholic school ... God bless you for your courage, Jennifer! You have this mom's support!

Jennie said...

good for oyu for standing upi for yourself and your kids... let her look at yo ulike that, she knows now and I guarantee you that she won't forget it either....

Sarah - Kala said...

Thank you!

~ Judy ~ said...

What you state about the corporate leadership is true...it began manifesting itself some 17 or so years ago...which is when I stopped being a leader and pulled my daughter out.

I like the alternatives you recommend...and would like to add to that list "Pilgrims of the Holy Family"...it is a "scouting type" activity program for the whole family...done together without separation of gender or age...It's a wonderful way for families to spend time together and for kids to have that "scouting feel" of an experience. You could even invited a few other families to join you and make it a larger group!
If I might just add one more thing...I think that there is a real complacency in these areas within the Church...it seems that people keep their children involved in these type groups with a perspective of: "Well, OUR troop does not support Planned Parenthood so it's OK"...I think we need to teach our children to look further into a group's background before becoming a member of it...for even though we interact in smaller factions of a larger whole...we are validating and representing the entire group by being a member of an individual troop.


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