10 August 2009


Enough is enough!

Enough was actually enough a long time ago, but there can’t be any doubt all lines of respectability have been crossed. It is high time to draw a new line in the sand – a line that Catholics will never again cross. It is my position that Catholics who supported Obama made a grave mistake and the consequences may be catastrophic. It benefits no one to tread lightly here for fear of hurting people’s feelings – the truth is plainly obvious. President Obama simply could not have gotten to the White House without the Catholic vote and he had no business getting it at all. He skillfully exploited the ignorance and apathy of some Catholics to his great advantage. It’s time for folks to open their eyes to the bitter reality and make sure this never happens again.

Let’s review, shall we?

Please continue reading...

Please keep up the letter-writing, phone calls and emails to your Representatives this month! At such a crucial hour in our history, we simply can't remain passive or silent. Health care reform that does not protect the unborn is NOT acceptable. Pray!!


~ Judy ~ said...

I "kept reading" as you requested...but BOY that is HARD TO TAKE...it grieves me deeply that anyone who claims to be a part of Christ's Church could associate themselves in ANY way with a mindset and motivation that is inherently evil. Thank you for the sober reminder.

John said...

Thank you for this post! We Catholics should know right from wrong! We should know good from evil!
We should pray for President Obama that God takes hold of Him and leads Him down the path that leads to Him and what is right!

Thanks again! :)

God Bless You!


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