17 August 2009

Both Hands

More wisdom from St. Francis de Sales:

Think of a little child walking with her father. One hand clings tightly to his, but with the other she gathers fruit from trees along the way.

Imitate the child. With one hand go ahead and gather what you need of the world's good things, but with the other hold on to your heavenly Father, checking regularly whether or not He approves of what you are doing with your life.

Above all, beware of letting go of your Father to free up both your hands to gather more of the world's goods. You will find that by yourself you will stumble and fall.

And when your gathering does not require all your attention, turn your mind to God as often as you can. Like a sailor returning to port, look to the sky and not just to the waves that carry you.


Anne said...

Jennifer, that is so beautiful! Is that from "Introduction to the Devout Life"? I can't believe I haven't read that yet! Time to get a move on to the library!

Mary333 said...

I have " Introduction to the Devout Life" but I can't remember seeing this passage. Awesome quote!

Dirtdartwife said...

And interestingly enough... you mention that when we let go of our Father's hands to gather things of this world, we stumble and fall. But also think of what we must do to gain our Father's handhold again... we must LET GO of things of this world to free up that hand.

Now you've added another book to my "must read" list. OIy that list keeps getting longer! :) Thanks for sharing!

brian said...

Jennifer -

So beautiful - as always.

Yes - He is my Anchor. Without our Anchor - we will be adrift - lost in the wild, wild sea.

Andrew Wyeth's painting "Adrift" places it all into perspective - for me.


God bless!

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Jennifer,
What a beautiful analogy!

SQUELLY said...

So beautiful! I feel filled with peace!


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