01 July 2009

Who's writing this stuff anyway?

I am.

I'm Jennifer, owner of the world's biggest, deepest, most committed dark chocolate heart. There are others who think they are die-hard chocoholics, but they are amateurs...puffballs...lightweights. Ha! I say to them! Behold the true master... Chocolate flows through my veins, people.

I'm married to a wonderful man who happens to be a Major in the Army, which means I'm also married to the Army. We've been married eleven years and have moved 9 times already. You do the math. That's military life, and I'm hardly a pro at it. I know plenty of wives who put me to shame with their unflappable ability to handle the nonsense the comes with relocating your home and family every year or two. I take my notes from them and try to learn a few things. I'm getting there...

I'm a SAHM of three, and I'm profoundly grateful...there's nothing else in the world I'd rather be doing. I happen to think my kiddos are completely awesome. And funny. And gorgeous. And smart. And precious. And so sweet... I'm a very blessed momma.

I'm privileged (and honored) to be writing for Catholic Online (www.catholic.org) as a regular contributing writer, and you can find most of my CO articles here on the blog under Box of Chocolates. Please do read them and let me know what you think. Comments can be left directly at Catholic Online, as well as here. Feedback is wonderful for novices like me who pour their hearts into writing!

And please help me in the mission to spread the word about Catholic Online. It is simply the best Catholic website out there for complete news and information about the Church, our faith, politics, our nation and our culture. Top-notch stuff, folks. Visit often and stay informed!

Trivial information you don't need:

My favorite color is red.
I've never eaten sushi and never will.
I hate summer. Hate hot weather and hate bugs.
My Christmas tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving. (Okay, sometimes before.)
It stays up until after Epiphany... like it's supposed to!
I love to sleep.
I wish I could sing.  Really sing.

The important things:

I love my Jesus, and I hope that fact comes through loud and clear on this blog. I want to fall deeper and deeper in love with Jesus til nothing else matters but Him.

I love our Blessed Mother, and I want to be just like her. No one followed Jesus better. "Only she who raised Christ can raise a Christian."

I love the Catholic Church, despite her flaws and shortcomings.  There is no Plan B.  The Church is God's Plan A and the gates of hell shall not prevail!

I love my country and those in the military who protect us all and sacrifice so much.  May God help us not to take our freedom for granted, nor forget those who serve.  God bless the U.S.A.!!

Thanks for visiting... please come back often. Creating and writing this blog is a real joy for me. I hope you're blessed by it as well.

So now you know. Aren't you glad?


Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Thanks for all the interesting info about your precious life. I already felt like I knew you, but know I feel that way even more. And, honey, I think I could rival you with the chocolate-lovers thing. Don't go there.


Blessings, Sweet friend!

Anne said...

I am so very glad that I now know! I want to know more! How long have you been writing for Catholic Online? How did you ever get your foot in the door? Am I too nosy?

You know I love everything you write. To me, your writing is WAY better than chocolate! Your love for Jesus shines through every word on the screen and you draw your readers closer to Him as well! Awesome job! Keep writing and sharing tidbits about yourself as well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
I am not Catholic, but I thoroughly enjoy your writing at Catholic Online, and here, of course.

Your love for Jesus shines through in your posts.

Elisa said...

Yay! Another Catholic Army blogger! My husband is in the Army too...we are right now awaiting orders for our new post...the suspense is killing me!! Found your blog through Betty Beguiles..


susan said...

Your articles at Catholic Online are fabulous.

Vince said...

You are the best. I love everything you write - in fact, if I come across an article at Catholic Online that really inspires me in some way, it's almost certain that you've written it. You really have a gift, and I'm glad you are using it to give God glory and spread the faith.
Vivat Jesus!

Anonymous said...

okay, listen.
we (my friend and i) attend a catholic high school and hold our morals very high. we just happened to read your article called "Are we Witnessing the Death of Modesty?" We found the article very offensive and rude. We understand your point that there are women who dress with the goal of getting attention from men, however not all women are like this including ourselves. It seems very closeminded and judgemental. We especially didn't like in the article you mentioned men being visual creatures and basically woman should keep that in mind while getting dressed. We feel that you are just giving men excuses for acting the way they do and disrespecting woman. Men need to learn to control themselves, it's not a woman's fault if she causes a man to act wrongly. Woman are supposed to be proud of their bodies, no we don't have to show our entire body or certain parts of it, but we are allowed to show that we have a feminine body. It's not our fault men are attracted to woman and vice versa. Men aren't the only ones with attractions, woman have them too. If you're going to critisize how woman are dressing, critisize how men dress too. We, and the majority of the girls in our class, were strongly offended by your judgemental views. We would appriciate if you would e-mail us back. Thank You and Have a Nice Day.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog, and all of your articles are very well-written & insightful. Thank you for your gracious hero of a husband who chose to humbly serve our (sometimes ungrateful) country. May God always continue to bless you & your family! Keep the faith!

FYI, I am probably more dedicated to dark chocolate (& coffee) than you are... :)

~ Lisa from Chicago


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