24 July 2009

Stop the Abortion Mandate! Urgent!

Short and sweet, but urgently to the point:

Call, write, e-mail your Congress folks today and next week! Send them a letter by carrier-pigeon if you have to.

I listened to the nationwide webcast last night, and it was outstanding. We're quickly running out of time to stop this evil "health care" reform bill. The time to act is NOW.

The link above can help direct you if you don't already know how to reach your representatives.

You can click this link to read my summary of the information given in the webcast.

PRAY. Pray hard. This is a terribly critical hour in history for the U.S.

Lord Jesus, hear our cry and have mercy on us!


GrandmaK said...

Done and done! God Bless!!! Cathyfin

Aussie Therese said...

joining you in prayers.

Dirtdartwife said...

absolutely joining you in prayer and doing what I can to be a serious encourager to my elected officials. I am very concerned though because I highly doubt the three stooges up in DC (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) give a hoot about the will of the people and will veto anything that's pushed through that isn't to their liking. I'm honestly afraid I'm watching something that God is allowing to happen because the free will of these people is SO messed up and those of us that know it's wrong will have to wait to see the good come out of it. I pray that the good that will come will be coming in the form of voting these idiots out of office.

Sharon said...

I got the email invitation to join in the webcast, but I didn't hear it. Mostly I forgot...I hope to listen to the recording this week. This is scary stuff. Thanks for sharing!


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