08 July 2009

The Sin of ME

If you had to boil it all down to one word, how would you describe the problem with our culture today? How would you name the root cause of the myriad terrible ills that plague us?

Today that thought came to mind, and the answer was quick to follow: the word is ME.

We are suffering individually and collectively from the destructive sin of ME. You could call it pride, selfishness, narcissism, greed, ambition – all those things and more, certainly. I can best sum it up by calling it the great sin of ME.

Everything is about ME. Life is, and should be, about ME and what I want, what I decide will make ME happy, and get ME the most I can possibly get. Decisions made by other people must not make any requirements of ME, or place any restrictions on ME. If they do, I have every right to disregard them, denounce them, and demand change.

There is no moral code outside the one I write for ME. I have no obligation to anyone’s best interest other than mine. I work only for ME and I am still entitled to take from someone else what I feel I deserve but did not earn myself. I can make vows that suit ME today and break them next week or next year if they no longer suit ME or make ME as happy as I deserve to be.

If I feel something is right for ME, then it is right, period. No one else has any authority to tell ME otherwise, not even God. Because, after all, if God does exist, then He should want ME to be happy. It’s not God making all these moral demands, it’s man-made religion. And religion is definitely not for ME.

Welcome to the Age of ME, where each person is an autonomous god unto themselves. Welcome to the Age of the Child – and I don’t mean a person under age 18. I mean an era where adult maturity and reasoning has been thrown into the consuming fire of ME and it is deemed perfectly acceptable to live as though the universe revolves around only you – like your average toddler.

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SQUELLY said...

Wonderful post Jennifer!!! Inspired I believe!

Anne said...


Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Jennifer,
What a brilliant post!

Aren't we supposed to be here to serve HIM?

Sarah said...

Thank you for the thought-provoking article, Jennifer. It has left me with much to think about ...

Have you seen the movie about Mother Teresa with Olivia Hussey? (She also was in Jesus of Nazareth.) Anyway, it has been a few years since I saw it, but I thought it was very good. You should google it for more info. If you see it, or have already seen it, I would be curious to hear your thoughts about it ...


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