12 July 2009



"Be exalted, O God, above the heavens.
Let your glory be over all the earth." Psalm 57:5

Thanks to the nifty scheduling options of Blogger, I'm writing this Praise! post on Friday night to post on Sunday morning.

I'm on the road this weekend headed to Michigan for some time with my parents and my sister. Kids are with me, and we're excited about having two weeks of FUN!

1. Praise God for seeing family I haven't seen in ages, most of all my big sister! Yippee!!

2. Praise God for my momma, who flew down to make the drive back with me and the kids.

3. Praise God for the joy of knowing Him and loving Him... and may He draw me in deeper.

4. Praise God for the friends I've made in this blogosphere and the sharing of ideas, thoughts, encouragement, inspiration, and support among us. It sure does make the world seem a lot smaller when you've got "friends" all over the place!

5. Praise God for our incredible Holy Father and his plainspoken courage. He is a beacon of light and truth, and he doesn't edit himself for anyone. I love that about him. I pray that Obama learned a thing or two... I pray that POTUS listened to PETER.

6. Praise God for the road ahead... for being with me every step of the way... for lighting the next step... for carrying me when I am weak.

7. Praise God for the Backyardigans! Pablo, Austin, Uniqua, Tyrone, and Tasha will help pass the time on the trip and keep the kiddos happy. And I don't mind listening either! "We've got the whole wide world in our yard to explore..."

8. And praise God for chocolate! I have to thank Him for it! Thank you, God!

Have a fantastic week everyone, and let those Praises ring! God loves to hear it, and we need to say it.



Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for those wonderful praises. I hope that you enjoy the precious time spent with your parents and sister.

I have posted my praises, too.

~ Judy ~ said...

What a wonderful meme!
I'm looking forward to next Sunday so that I can start joining in!
Have a blessed visit with your family :)

Dirtdartwife said...

have a safe and blessed trip with your family! :)

John said...

May God bless you and your family on your trip!


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