30 July 2009


Home from a wonderful trip to Michigan (where I realized that I really am a Michigan girl at heart), and now trying to settle into a home routine again, before the new school year begins.

My blogging has been scarce for most of July, and I missed it! It's good to be back home and be able to visit with all of you again.

What is it about summertime that sends the normal rhythms of life into total chaos? I need a predictable routine, I guess! (Just another reason why I hate summer!)

Five more months til winter... hold on, girl. :)

Blessings to you all,


Anne said...

Welcome back! I'm with you, let's get summer over with-this year has been extremely chaotic for me! I hate to wish my life away, but autumn in looking mighty nice!

Re: your shamwow-no idea, but I am also very gullible-I believe everything! One of my high school teachers asked a boy how his brother was doing on the professional football team, I turned to him mouth agape. Everyone laughed at me-it was some kind of joke. Then the teacher drew a picture of a sea gull on the board and wrote my name under it. He asked "Can't you "see" the gull?" That sure stuck with me all these years!

Brian said...

Hi Jennifer - Glad that you are home safe and sound. You may be light lately with the blogs, but just one of your blogs make up for the whole month. You are one fantastic writer. Your last article in Catholic-Online was so important. Thank the good Lord we have you for a VOICE!

Don't rush summer, fall and winter will arrive soon enough.



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