29 June 2009

A New Romance

There are days when I do battle with a deadly spiritual heart disease. It comes in two forms, both rather sneaky in how they creep up on me and worm their way into my heart. They are cynicism and indifference. It’s not so much that I choose them; it’s that I make no effort to refuse them.

Clearly, many of us are suffering this malady. This is the disease that zaps our energy and steals our excitement. It leaves us weary and lazy and full of handy excuses. It eats away at devotion and leaves our souls empty. Christendom in America is deeply infected with this life-sapping sickness. It is why so many Christians have been enticed and beguiled by power and popularity and persuaded to compromise. Without passion, without zeal, without fervor, we are lifeless and faith is so easily cast aside.

St. Augustine prescribes the cure: We need a new romance. "To fall in love with God is the greatest of romances, to seek Him the greatest adventure, to find Him the greatest human achievement." What the cynical and indifferent heart needs is a healthy dose of romance.

We have every reason to be enthralled in romance! The greatest gesture of love known to the universe was made toward each of us by the Author of True Love. We are not simply liked and enjoyed; we are passionately, deeply, obsessively loved!

How does it go again?

“God so understood the world…”

“God so cared for the world…”

“God so respected the world…”
“God so accepted the world…”

“God so disdained the world…”

“God so rejected the world…”

God so LOVED the world that He gave His only begotten Son...

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Anne said...

I love this! Are you working on a book? You should!

I have a friend, Fr. Don, who told a story about a woman who came to daily Mass thinking that the Ascension was still a Holy Day on a Thursday morning. After Mass, he asked her if she thought it was still a Holy Day of obligation. She said "You don't think I'd be here if it wasn't a Holy Day, do you?" He said her remark made him so sad because she hadn't fallen in love with God yet. She was only following the obligations, not her heart. Your story reminded me of his story.

GrandmaK said...

"They are cynicism and indifference. It’s not so much that I choose them; it’s that I make no effort to refuse them." These words especially struck me as true in my life. Thank you!!! You have called it to my attention most vividly! Indifference especially hits home! Cathy


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