31 May 2009

Time to Vote Again!

Another plea for votes...

I am below even the underdog this time around, so I have no delusions about winning anything! And yet, here I am asking you to take a moment to vote for me!

Catholic New Media Awards

This is the Catholic New Media awards, so this nomination means a lot to me. There are so many fantastic, well-done Catholic blogs out there! Catholics are talented people!!

I have a nomination in two categories:

Best Blog by a Woman
Best New Blog

The competition is fierce, and as I said, I have no delusions of grandeur! I'm up against the likes of Conversion Diary and Amy Welborn, not to mention some of YOU! That's stiff competition! But it's all good... I'm thrilled to be in such marvelous company!

Thanks for taking the time to vote for all your favorite Catholic Blogs (I hope I'm one of them!). I know I'll be voting for all my favorites!

Voting begins June 1!

Big Thank You,


Anne said...

Jennifer, I read your story "Jesus Called her Mother" on Catholic Online today. It is beautiful, so moving! You are blessed with a great gift and you use it well!

I would love to learn more about your time as an NICU chaplain. If you feel comfortable sharing that part of your life story with me, feel free to email me anytime.

God Bless you, and good luck on the blog award!

Anne said...

Sorry! anne.bender@aurora.org Thanks!

Jennifer Kallus said...

I was finally able to vote. Good luck, Jennifer!


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