03 May 2009



"Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love endures forever."
Psalm 107

1. Praise God for the Refiner's fire. The Lord disciplines those he loves.

2. Praise God for His gift of mercy and forgiveness.

3. Praise God for friendship.

4. Praise God for every soldier, every Marine, every pilot, every sailor, every patriot who defends our country. May God keep them safe and bring them home. St. Michael, defend them.

5. Praise God for the loyal spouses who love and wait and worry and pray and hold down the fort while their hero is gone.

6. Praise God for those faithful people who are prayer warriors. We need them desperately.

7. Praise God for the exquisite gift of the Blessed Mother and this month of May to honor her.

8. Praise God for the fudgy chocolate brownies in my kitchen, which will soon be covered in chocolate ice cream! Come to Momma!

What's your song of Praise this week? Mr. Linky is ready and waiting! Have a blessed day everyone!



Sarah said...

Okay, kiddo - I placed a vote for you over at the Crescat. :) Good luck!!!

GrandmaK said...

Well, I have to say this is the first time I have "known" so many who have been nominated...This is a YES moment for me...Good luck to you!

My song of praise this week is Amazing Grace sung by The Irish Tenors...

Have a grand day!Cathy

Elena said...

Thank you for hosting 'Praise'. It's a lovely idea to take a few moments to thank God.

Mrs.Pogle said...

Mine is up!
Thanks for yours :)
Mrs.P xx


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