27 May 2009

Good News! A Giveaway!

This is an auspicious moment on My Chocolate Heart...

my very first giveaway!

I know most of you are sometimes as frustrated and discouraged at the state of the American Catholic church as I am, and we need some good news. We need to hear that all is not lost, and there may yet be change coming... holy change. Hope is brewing, and the author of this book has the proof.

I stumbled across David's website, The Catholic Report, many months back, and I was delighted to see that his last name is Hartline! He is the only Hartline I've ever met that I'm not related to, though he and I have both come to agree that somewhere down the line, he is related to my husband somehow. There just aren't that many Hartline's around.

He has written this wonderfully encouraging book, The Tide is Turning Toward Catholicism, in which he documents the many ways in which good things are happening in the Catholic church in America and around the world.

In our time bad news and scandals abound, yet David presents a very strong case for optimism and hope that the tide is indeed turning toward, and not away from the Catholic Church.

I'm having a great time reading it myself, (chapter 6 is one of my favorites) and I'm learning a lot of encouraging things. David has his facts lined up well, and he's good at connecting the dots of cause and effect.

So, I'd love to pass this fantastic book on to one of you! David has generously given me a signed copy of the book to give away, so leave a comment on this post and tell me something positive about the faith, or your parish, or your favorite priest, or your favorite saint, or something! Just share some good news with me, and I'll enter your name in the drawing.

Then be sure to check back on June 5 when I'll announce the winner! (Winner will need to send me their mailing address!)



Anne said...

What a great idea! My favorite priest is Fr. Don Hying, he is the Rector at the Seminary of St. Francis de Sales in Milwaukee. He is an outstandingly kind, gentle, humble,and holy man. He gives of his time so generously. Not only does he oversee the Seminary and all of the Seminarians, he also give spiritual direction to 25 people. He is a lover of JPII and traditional Catholicism and is a great role model. I wrote a story about the time he came to my house for dinner and I will post it on my blog right now so that you can get a better idea of what kind of priest he is.

Thanks for the chance to win a spiritual book with a positive message!

Dirtdartwife said...

Oiy... you know I'm going to enter this giveaway! ;)

Favorite priest- Fr. John Madden- he brought me back into the Church. And Fr. John Congdon because he is a good man and loves the Church and it shows.

Favorite parish- St. Ignatius at Ft. Leavenworth- it's SO Catholic and you can't help but learn and grow.

Good news-- we're expecting #5 and the more kids I have, that means the more faithfully catechized Catholics we're adding to this world. :)

Sounds like a praise report :)
Thanks for doing this!

lexetlibertas said...

My favorite saint is Saint Murgen the Mermaid. No joke! She was supposedly a mermaid discovered sometime in the Middle Ages, showed herself to be pious (but mute), and underwent baptism, even knowing it would kill her. She was venerated as something of a martyr. She probably does have some historical basis: many Irish hermits and hermitesses who lives near the sea were known as mermen and mermaids.

I rather like the idea of venerating an eccentric saint; it's been said that the Incarnation is humor par excellence!

Saint Murgen the Mermaid, pray for us!

GrandmaK said...

This looks like a tremendous book!

My parish of St John the Baptist is the most vibrant place to be. There are so many opportunities to serve one has no excuse for not participating. I am particularly encouraged by Mother Teresa's Treasures Thrift Shop. It is actively serving the parish and the community by opening its doors to everyone. The shop is the mainstay for the Newburgh Food Pantry which is housed there too. God is Good and I am glad I have the opportunity to participate.

I would encourage everyone, if they have not done so already, find a ministry at your parish in which you can participate. Contribute your time and talent, too! Cathy

Angoraknitter said...

We're still trying to get into our parish...waiting to hear if we're in (only in the civilian world I guess). So since we're still new here I mostly only have my experience at Holy Family back at Irwin to recall, and I don't really need to tell you much about it cause you've been there too.

But the Parish we're attending now is nice (sings a bit of latin during the Mass) nice traditional organ music (I really like organs), and they have a nice Franciscan Preist who usually finds someway to mention St. Francis in almost every homily. I think it's kind of neat he's always wearing sandles (not those army boots I'm so accustomed to). They also set up a Montessori Catechesis atrium for the kids in the parish. So we're hoping to check that out next week. www.saintlouisparish.org/cgs.atrium.html

regan said...

here is me, officially entering your give-away. i don't know what to say though. i am tired and my brain is not working. i guess i could share that i LOVE Father Corapi. i just had a newsletter from him in my inbox. i think he has a great calling and i love how he speaks the truth so boldly. have a great weekend and God bless!

Sarah said...

Something positive? My eldest boy was Confirmed last night . . . and I did not lose my mind when we were exiting the hotel in the rain to discover my van had a flat. No fixing that! Yet! My husband was over at the church helping set up (the original chapel's power was out due to the storm, so they moved everything to another chapel with power . . .) so he takes two trips (throwing in a shower for himself) and arrived before the Gospel. The MCCW ladies are the best! His Excellency, Bishop Higgins was an absolute delight and his homily was INSPIRING!

My favourite priest is 86 yo Dominican priest Father Willoughby. He always pats your arm or leg when he has finished absolving me/you/anyone at the completion of Confession with these words: "There. Now you are as good as the day you were baptized!" Never fails to make me smile!

Christine said...

Hope it is not too late for me to enter?????????????????????

Allison said...

Not sure if it's too late to enter, but I'd love to read something like this!
Something positive is that I know the Catholic Church is growing constantly in members. 3 short years ago I joined the Catholic Church along with others in the parish. I want to bring the happiness I've found in this faith and the strength of the Catholic Church to others. :)

Sarah said...

It's the 5th . . . I can't wait to see who won!!!


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