26 May 2009

Fun on the Radio!


Tonight I was invited to be a guest on the Drew Mariani show on Relevant Radio. Drew was on vacation and his guest host, Wendy, asked me to come on and talk about my article on Catholic Online, "Are You Really Catholic?"

It was a brand new experience for me, and boy, was I nervous! But the Lord helped me not to fall flat on my face (at least I think so!), and Wendy was very kind and gracious, and she went easy on the new kid! It was great fun.

If you're interested in listening, the interview can be downloaded from their audio archives, I've been told. Go to relevantradio.com They'll send me a direct link soon, and I can post that when I get it.

5/27 Update: Here's the link they sent me! (My portion begins about 35 minutes into the hour, so skip forward.)
http://relevantradio.streamguys.us/DM Archive/DM20090526c.mp3

Still wired for sound,


regan said...

i loved that piece on are you really a catholic. and it would be great to "hear" your voice! :)
congrats to you.

GrandmaK said...

Looking forward to hearing you! Glad to have shared time with a "celebrity!" Good for you!!! Cathy

Anne said...

I'm impressed! I have wanted to be a published author for the longest time and was so tired of all the rejections that I gave up in dismay (Thank God for blogging!) But to be on the radio, especially the Drew Mariani show must have been quite the honor! Good for you!

Dirtdartwife said...

Can't wait for the link!!!! I tried to get on last night but missed it. They have a "Listen Live Online" link and so I was able to listen to the show *RIGHT AFTER* you were supposed to be on! grrrr... I was so angry at myself. Can't wait for you to post the link! :)

Aussie Therese said...

wow. That is great. I will have to listen to this today at some stage.

Sarah said...

Congrats, Jennifer!! That is awesome!! I have your article on my "things to read" list ... And now I will certainly listen to you, too. I really like the Drew Mariani show, when I get the chance to listen, and I think Relevant Radio is such a blessing!


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