02 May 2009


Forgiveness is amazing... when it's given. It's wonderful when it's received. It changes us.

But if thou dost continue to beat thyself up and weep bitter tears and cover thyself with sackcloth and ashes and eat worms...

well... you get the idea.

Thou must leave it all at the Cross and not pick it back up again.

(Hmmm...I think I've read this somewhere before... )

Mercy and grace and forgiveness are wonderful things, and I wonder if we even realize the things God can do when we sincerely extend mercy to each other.

Tough lesson -- yes.

Lesson learned.

(At least til next time.)



Mrs.Pogle said...

(((((Hugs))))) sweetie xx

GrandmaK said...

Another reason to Praise God!!!! God bless! Cathy

carmelitemom said...

Jennifer...Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for *Best New Blog* at


This not simply a nomination to reciprocate your nomination for me but I truly enjoy your blog...it is beautiful and well-written and truly deserving of such an award. They said that when they announce the nominations, a widget will be available for your blog. Voting begins June 1.


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