01 April 2009

Random Fuzziness

It's the middle of the week, I have a cold and my head is fuzzy, so I have all these random, unrelated thoughts floating around up there.

Why is thinking only "free thinking" or "clear thinking" when it excludes God? This is the favorite criticism of believers by unbelievers. Who invented thinking in the first place?

Why does my two year-old insist on walking around in her big sister's old shoes?

Why is it that exactly 30 minutes after I have mopped the kitchen floor,
someone will spill something sticky?

Why can't I ever seem to catch the gremlins that multiply the dirty laundry in the middle of the night?

Why do pro-abortion feminists not care about the rights of the girls being killed?

Why do I have medicine-head when I haven't had any medicine?

After all the lint I have collected from the trap in my dryer, why is it my towels haven't just disappeared?

Is it okay if I just live on coffee and donut holes today? I can't smell anything anyway.

How can anyone with even an ounce of tenderness in their heart not love Jesus?

How would I look without a nose? It is possible I may rub it completely off my face before this cold is over.

Sneezey (sniffle)


Sarah (JOT) said...

I hope you feel better soon! My ears are still a bit funky (they pop at the weirdest times). The weather can't make up its mind either so. Get well soon!!

regan said...

i thought of you this mornin' as i drank my pom iced chocolate coffee-there is even a red heart on the front!
sorry you have the sickies. my kids woke up yesterday all stuffy and runny too! i think it is the change in the weather.
drink lots of water and vitamin c.
and try to stay away from those donut holes! =)

Our Family said...

I feel for you! This is something similar I had blog last week "Did you ever wonder?" http://tinyurl.com/dfsk6k

You are doing good if it took exactly 30 minutes after you have mopped and something spill, ours is about 10 minutes maybe sometime 15.

Dirtdartwife said...

Aww... I hope you feel better soon!

Aussie Therese said...

I don't think these are random fuzziness. They all make a lot of sense to me.

Hope you are feeling batter soon.

Sarah said...

Hope you feel better soon!


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