05 April 2009

Palm Sunday Praise



"Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!"
"Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David!"

Hosanna in the highest!"

All praise and honor and glory to you, Lord Jesus Christ!

1. Praise God for the richness of our faith and traditions...sacred liturgies, incense, palm branches, vibrant red color, and the tingling knowledge that our brothers and sisters ALL OVER THE WORLD are experiencing the very same thing, and we are one in the Spirit.

2. Praise God for the 150,000 new Catholic Christians in America during this Holy Week! God bless them and strengthen their new life in Christ.

3. Praise God for sunny spring days and colorful flowers blooming everywhere.

4. Praise God for a productive day of housecleaning.

5. Praise God for beautiful, sweet children I never thought I'd have.

6. Praise God for small but valuable bits of insight and wisdom when I'm not expecting it.

7. Praise God for the glorious delight and giddy pleasure of dark chocolate! (You knew it was coming!!)

Share the Praise! Link up below with Mr.Linky and make your own list! As always, I look forward to reading them!

Have a deeply blessed Holy Week, everyone.



Rosemary - My Patch of Serenity said...

Lovely post.
God Bless

Dirtdartwife said...

I'll have to do my praise list soon, but the biggest thing I LOVE about today is the music at Mass. The entrance song being The King of Glory... just the uptempo, rhythmic, praise and glory singing. Now to go get my Mt. Dew!!!!

Sarah said...

Jennifer, I didn't exactly do a list of praises this week, but I did post about praise on my blog today. It's at least within the theme, just a bit different =)

I enjoyed your list, btw, especially #1!


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