27 April 2009

A New Day Dawning in Catholic America

So much is happening so quickly today regarding Notre Dame, and it absolutely amazes me that Fr. Jenkins continues to dig his heels in and refuses to budge. This man is blinded by pride and the promise of political clout and prestige. He has truly sold the soul of Notre Dame, and possibly his own, for thirty pieces of silver.

I am proud to know that Ambassador Mary Ann Glendon has chosen otherwise.

I believe the day of decision has dawned for the faithful Catholic remnant in America. If any good has come of this, it's that the line has been clearly drawn, and it is time for all who say they belong to Christ to choose. There can be no more sitting on the fence, no more having it both ways. We cannot serve two masters any longer and expect God's blessing.

I sincerely hope this is a time of rebirth for our church in the U.S. It is time for some housecleaning. If not, I truly shudder to think what my children will be inheriting.

I am not easily inclined to pray for Fr. Jenkins or for our President, in all honesty. I feel anger toward both of them for their stubborn and manipulative support of the evil of abortion. Fr. Jenkins can try to spin it all he wants, but by honoring Obama, he IS lending support to the evil of abortion. And he's doing it under the name of our Blessed Mother, which is simply reprehensible.

But folks, I am wrong not to pray for them, and I am wrong to be angry. "I confess to Almighty God and to you, my brothers and sisters, that I have sinned through my own fault..."
We must pray, and we must pray earnestly. Surely this grieves the Lord and His Mother more than it does us. They are waiting for the tidal wave of prayer to rise from the Church militant, and They will answer us.

I hope the opposition that has been vocalized and shown by so many of our wonderful bishops will be remembered by the faithful for years to come, and they will in turn make their own choices in obedience to the Church's wisdom and live out their faith in the public square.

I have written Notre Dame and told them they have certainly lost three future students. Same goes for Georgetown and every other "Catholic" university that betrays the faith. The next place we all have influence is the ballot box. Let's all use our votes wisely and faithfully.

And pray. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood...

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Dirtdartwife said...

I'm with you... ND and all the other "Catholic" universities that pander to pro-aborts have lost four potential students and our hard earned money. Steubenville or Benedictine... here they come!!!!

I believe this is the "Year of the priest" in which we're to pray for all our religious men (and for vocations). I know it's hard but we do need to pray for Fr. Jenkins. Somewhere, he lost his way and needs help to return. As for Obama... it helps me to pray for the office of the Presidency and I work my way down and if I have to *really* focus on praying for him, I start with his children first. They're innocent in this and deserve our prayers the most, especially for protection because kids can be very mean to each other. And from there, I work my way through his family. (My question is: is it ok to pray for healing from stupidity? Because I tend to pray "Lord, please forgive Obama for his stupidity and heal him from his arrogance." or is that me being arrogant?)

Anyway... it's great to see this from Mary Ann. What a powerful, strong and intelligent woman that I can use as a role model for my girls. Some one that refuses to be used as bait for political games and stands firmly on her faith and belief in the Church, regardless of the personal sacrifice she must commit on an award she so richly deserves.

As for housecleaning throughout our Church... I've got the bleach!


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