16 April 2009


Starry-eyed cowards are popping up all over the place! Now we can add Georgetown University to the list of Catholics who are willing to betray the faith for the sake of Presidential placating.

We serve an Almighty, All-Loving, All-Powerful, Merciful God whose Passion and death we just finished remembering.

Can someone please tell me how exactly Obama compares to that?

Why are these people cowering before him, accommodating his every insulting wish and betraying the faith they profess? I bet he's paying them all with the same thirty pieces of silver.

Shame on them! Cowards!


Dirtdartwife said...

I know some Catholics that voted for him. None of them gave a darn about standing up for their Catholicism. They didn't want to disagree with anyone. However, I've also noticed (at least here where it's REALLY Catcholic... man I love the midwest) that the more Obama and his idolaters fawn, the more obstinate we become in daring someone to be offended that we're Catholic. Seems to drive them nuts that we're definitive on what we believe is right versus wrong.

As for all the colleges... I'm just patiently keeping a running list of all the ones my children will never attend. Kinda like us not buying anything Heinz because it's associated with Heinz-Kerry (too bad too because Mr. Heinz was a good man... his wife sullied his name)

Our Family said...

Think about this, only the "devil" will not stand in front of the word IHS (Jesus' name) while giving a speech. It's like when a Priest does exorcism, the devil gets squirmy when Jesus' name is being rebuke or crucifix is shown.

Sarah (JOT) said...

Yes, shame on them! Now, we have to live our our Faith to the very limits!


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