25 March 2009

Our Lady's Students Respond!

Students of Notre Dame have issued a release stating their opposition to President Obama's speech at their commencement. Read the full statement here.

I encourage you to send the students a message of support and thank them for their courage. This can't be easy for them, and many are still discerning whether they can even attend their own graduation. Let's send them our thanks, keep them in our prayers, and give them our support.

You can email them at : ndresponse@gmail.com

I just did! Here's my message:

ProLife Students of Notre Dame,

Thank you so much for releasing this statement, and for your unwavering commitment to life, and your respect for our rich Catholic faith. I am pleased to know that not all of ND's students are excited about Obama's presence at your commencement. It is truly a betrayal of our faith and a profound insult to Our Lady.

Please continue to be courageous and firm in your opposition
to this terrible decision on the part of Jenkins. Surely our Blessed Mother and her Divine Son will be with you every moment of the way, and will bless you immensely for your witness to the truth. You may face a difficult struggle, but it is not in vain. I know you may have to make the sad choice to not even attend your own graduation, and for that, you have my sympathy. However, there is a greater good being served, and you can always feel proud knowing you stood up for LIFE even when the cost was high.

I will be praying for you and for ND
...I truly hope that one day, Notre Dame will once again be a faithful Catholic university in every respect.
May God bless you all and keep you sheltered under His wing.
I know Our Lady is smiling at you, her faithful children.

In Christ,


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