13 February 2009

I'll Take 'Em!!


I chanced upon this on one of my favorite blogs, and I couldn't believe it... I had been thinking of doing this exact same thing for days now! It's been the theme of my week -- Little Victories! It seems to be the theme of the week for a lot of people!! So here goes my Small Successes...

First: I repaired a tear in my daughter's pants. By hand. Needle and thread. This is a very exciting success for me because I don't sew. I can barely do buttons. But, the tear was right along the seam, and so I decided to give it a shot. And you know what? You can't even find the tear anymore! Yay for me!

Second: Goes along with #1. I sewed five buttons on my jammies. Did a pretty good job, too!

Third: Tried a new trick while decorating valentine cookies: got my royal icing to make really pretty swirlies just using a toothpick. Two shades of pink swirled together... looks so adorable!

Fourth: This one is HUGE. My oldest daughter got braces on her teeth this week, and the victory is that she sailed through the appointment without a fuss! VERY BIG DEAL FOR HER! She's a rather high-strung child. She goes from zero to Freak Out! in less than a nanosecond. But we prayed before her appointment, and she was fantastic! It was a miracle -- really! I am sooooooooooo proud of her!

Little Victories, people! I'll take 'em!!

Praise Jesus!


Sarah (JOT) said...

I'm glad your daughter's braces appointment went so well. It means alot to have our parents pray with us before we go through things like that - my mum prayed with me before surgery's as a kid. It was comforting to let the Lord have it.

Have a blessed Valentine's Day.

Aussie Therese said...

great successes. I love to sew but hate repairing so maybe I should send all my mending to you.

Dirtdartwife said...

Woohoo! You go girl!!!! Took me awhile to learn to sew a few things but believe me, with the # of kids I have, it's a vital trait to know.

And that's wonderful about the braces and she didn't fuss. I can imagine how scary that is and we'll be going down that road very soon with our oldest. I'll have to keep in mind to pray with her before hand.


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