31 December 2008


December 31, 2008

To President-elect Obama:

As your inauguration day approaches, my heart is burdened with grief at the thought of all that you may do, and all that may happen for years to come as a result. Will anyone be able to change your mind? I hope so, for untold lives depend on it. I am convinced that only God will be able to change your heart, so that is how I, and all those who believe as I do, must direct our prayers. Life is sacred, Mr. Obama. Yours, mine, and our neighbor’s…I mean that tiny, developing life concealed in the womb. Concealed to us, always seen and known to God.

My mind goes back to your passionate speech at a Planned Parenthood event in 2007, and how eloquently you talked about the dreams you have for your daughters and for all the girls of the U.S., stressing that our nation must protect their “rights” and ensure that we don’t go backward to a time when women didn’t have those “rights.” I kept thinking, “Senator, if you have your way, this nation’s daughters won’t have the chance to be born!” That fundamental and genuine right will be taken from them before they ever see daylight.

All this concern for women’s rights seems hollow. It strikes me as profoundly hypocritical that women march and scream and protest and demand this “right” to kill their unborn babies, conveniently forgetting that that baby may be a girl…a daughter…a woman in the making! What about her rights? Is there no equality for women among women?

And I’m not at all diminishing the rights of unborn boys…the future husbands and fathers of our families. They are not expendable any more than our girls are. They deserve to be born. Indeed, we need them to be born.

It’s simply idiotic for anyone to argue anymore that the child in the womb is some lesser form of human and therefore not entitled to live. Modern science makes it impossible to deny the LIFE that exists in that amazing chamber called the uterus. No woman is pregnant without the presence of that life. It’s not an eggplant in there! It’s a human being. Less physically advanced than we who are walking around, but no less an individual. That little person has her own heartbeat, own brainwaves, own fingerprints, own blood supply, own hair and nails, her own personality. She has a soul, and a mission on this earth to fulfill. It is not “terminating a pregnancy.” It is ending a life. There is no pregnancy without the life.

Without the right to be born, the right to life, there are no other rights. Do you really not see that, Mr. Obama?

We, the born, do not have the right to say to them, the unborn, “We will not let you live. You must die because we wish it. It is our right to decide.”

Those who favor abortion want to sanitize the gruesome reality with clinical terms like “reproductive choice” and “freedom” and call it simply a “medical procedure.” What utter nonsense. There is nothing sanitary or simple or clinical about it. I challenge every single person in our nation who supports abortion to be honest enough to read the complete medical description of an abortion “procedure” from start to finish, particularly one done in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. I challenge people to watch one performed. (Yes, I challenge you, Mr. President-elect.)

If you’re going to demand the “right” to abortion then you should have the guts to watch one and read all about what it really entails. Then look me, or better yet, look yourself straight in the eye and say it’s not murder. Say a baby wasn’t just dismembered, burned alive, brains sucked out, and torn to pieces like less than an animal. If you can’t or won’t do it, then you’re intellectually dishonest and a coward. You want to support something you don’t have the stomach to face because you KNOW it’s barbaric. You would never allow a puppy to be brutalized in the same manner.

President-elect Obama, the Freedom of Choice Act that you so vigorously support must not be allowed to become law. Surely, you can see how this ironically-named legislation will declare “Open Season” on the unborn and eliminate all freedoms and rights for those who would choose to protect the child in the womb.

I do not understand how you and so many others in Congress can in good conscience champion a bill that nullifies every legal and occupational safeguard now in place to protect the unborn child and call that bill the “Freedom of Choice.” There is no choice and certainly no freedom for anyone except those who want completely unrestricted abortion up to the very moment of birth. That is not Pro-Choice… that’s Pro-Abortion.

I, too, cherish my daughters, and I want their wombs safeguarded and treated with respect for the miracle that takes place there. I want them to understand how precious new life is, and to have the grace to know that no one has the right to kill a defenseless person just because they may have the power to do so.

It’s not about reproductive choice. It is no one's right to kill a baby. It’s about respect for human life and the dignity of each person God has created. The issue of abortion is the most fundamental issue of basic human rights. You must, sir, defend this basic human right if you truly believe in the foundation America stands on… “that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…that among these are LIFE…”

Be courageous, Mr. Obama. Be honest. Protect the weakest among us, please.


P.S. Please go to FightFOCA.com and read about this evil piece of legislation, and sign the petition to defeat it. Obama has vowed he will sign it into law as the first act of his Presidency. We must do all we can to stop this. Thanks for taking a stand for LIFE! God bless you!


Dirtdartwife said...

I'm speaking at St. Joe's (in St. Jo) on the 7th and going to Topeka for the Silent No More campaign. The more those of us that have suffered from abortion that speak out, the more people will realize how severely damaging abortion truly is.

the booklady said...

God bless you Dirtdartwife! And how true! It takes courage to speak out but that comes from the Holy Spirit. May you remain open to His message and the purpose God has for you.

Beautiful post Jennifer! Good to meet you as well! Thank you for the comment on/at my blog. I hope you'll visit my blog from time to time or even consider 'following' -- although I prefer the expression 'reading along with'. I, too, focus on Life issues and especially will be reading and reviewing books and articles especially by authors with a view to Life.

May the Creator of all Life show us how to protect, defend and love it as He does! Blessings on the Feast of His Holy Mother!

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Gasp!! That picture of the little baby's foot pressing up against his mommy's belly...


Thank you for being an advocate for those who have no voice.


Jennie said...

you are speaking about something I feel strongly about and I love that you have the courage and the elagance to put it so beautifully...


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