25 November 2008

Wasting Advent...Not This Year

Advent is almost here...a season set aside to prepare and make room for the arrival of a king. This year I have a deep desire not to waste it simply ticking off the days as they go by, looking only toward the "big day" on the 25th. How can I truly welcome Him if I haven't done any preparation? When relatives come for a visit, I spend days cleaning and baking and making sure the house is tidy and welcoming. Yet year after year I let Advent blow by me like a winter wind I try to dodge by running inside.

I miss the blessing of Advent because I'm only thinking about Christmas.

Not this year, Lord. This time, let me stop and be still. I want to savor the nourishment Advent brings to my soul and my home. I want my thoughts to dwell on Jesus and the unspeakable gift of His coming. I want to ponder how amazing, how truly awesome it is that the God whom the universe cannot contain placed Himself in Mary's womb, then in her arms as a newborn baby. Mighty God became a helpless child.
Mother Teresa said, "Pray...that our hearts may be the crib Our Lady chooses for her baby." Oh, choose mine! Help me prepare my heart and make room for You and only You. There is much busyness and many chores to tend to, Lord, but none are more important than getting my home and my heart ready for you.

Today it's not Christmas I'm eager for, but Advent. Help me, Emmanuel, not to waste a moment of it.


Sandy said...

Your comment about had me in tears!! Talk about being "humbled"!!! Thank you so much.

Your post today is beautiful. I remember celebrating the advent season as a kid in school, but I've let that tradition go as I've gotten older.

It's interesting that your post is on this today, because I literally was standing in Michaels (the craft store) today and thinking about maybe making an advent wreath to get my family started on a new tradition.

Thank you for inviting me here. I love your profile desctiption (I smiled the whole time I was reading it) and your picture...you are gorgeous.

Hope to chat again!
Sandy Cooper

Chocolate Muse said...
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Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

What a beautiful quote of Mother Teresa's.


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