30 November 2008

Time Measured in Jammies

Every mom has a story like this.

My almost two year-old is toddling around in some fuzzy footed jammies that are oh-so-familiar to me. There are so many memories zipped up in those jammies. She's the third child to wear them, and I can remember the other two toddling around in them when they were the same age. Now I'm watching her, holding her in my lap and reminiscing about the years that have flown by. My older children now seem so....BIG. I swear it was just a few months ago that they wore these jammies.
Only a mom can get watery-eyed over a pair of pajamas!

Can somebody please tell me where the time goes?
Where's the "pause" button?

But then I started thinking. (A dangerous pastime for me.) I thought about how God sees my children and how He enjoys watching them grow and become. God doesn't have any grandchildren -- only children -- so does He recall my growth as a child and think how much my kids are like or not like me? Probably not. He isn't trapped in our linear time, after all, so I'm just me, as I am now. And my kids are just His children as they are now.

Certainly God knows the human heritage my children come from, and thus what things they are likely to be taught, be they good, bad, or otherwise. And there's the rub: It's my job, my highest obligation as their mother to make sure I'm passing on good things. Right things. Holy things.

So part of my Advent preparation will be to pay more attention
to the things I'm passing on.
The hidden, even unspoken things that are shaping
my children's attitudes and behaviors:

The tone of my voice.
The expressions on my face.
The way I spend my time.
The way I speak to them, even when I'm angry.
The way I treat their father.
The way I talk about other people.
How merciful I am.
How kind I am.
How joyful I am.
How often I laugh and play.

How prayerful I am.
How much I love Jesus.

Years from now when my children are no longer children, if God indeed marks the time somehow, I earnestly pray that He will see how they have grown in all the good, right, and holy things I tried to pass on. It won't be jammies, but hopefully it will be all the things that will keep their souls warm.

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